" I love those random memories that make me stop and just smile. "

About Us - The Olfactor Candle Company

We Practice The Art Of Bringing Back Memories Of The Life Moments You Cherish


 As a family, we love every moment in our life spent together. All moments or memories are not memorable nor cherishable, But in every unpleasant memory, there is a silver lining we never imagined to see. We, as a family has put forward each of our individual strengths to bring our small business, the Olfactor candle co. to life. As from creating the product design, custom wax blends, unique fragrance blends, photography, website designing and up to marketing is done by each of our family members. We all balance each other out as a team. We strongly believe in doing what we LOVE will bring a smile and make other's lives happy. We would love to see our creations be a part of your memories that you would cherish in life forever.                                                        


Our goal is simple: "We work hard to make you happy by bringing back the memories and moments you cherish to elevate your mood." Our love and passion fueled by curiosity push us to extremes to find the perfect balance in fragrances and waxes to add a sophisticated simplicity to your powerful personal lifestyle. The unique, luxury, supreme fragrance blends and waxes are carefully crafted to empower you to be happy as happiness should be created by you and we are here to help you create it.


          Money Cannot Buy Happiness