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Ceylon Cinnamon Essential Oil


Ceylon is the ancient name used for the Asian country Sri Lanka. This exotic island located in the Indian ocean is full of culture, history, wildlife, and smiling faces.

The cinnamon tree belonging to the family Lauraceae is native to Sri Lanka. Ceylon cinnamon (also known as Cinnamon zeylanicum) has a very distinctive shape, lighter color, and a delicate taste and therefore considered to be “true” cinnamon. 
Pure cinnamon oil is extracted from the outer bark of the cinnamon tree and also from its leaves. The skillful cinnamon workers work hard to produce the oil mostly performing most of the hard work manually. The cinnamon bark oil is more expensive and has a strong perfume-like smell to it.

It can naturally decrease inflammation, destroy parasites, heal wounds, lower bad cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels, fight cancer cells and benefit neurological disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s disease.  Due to the great health benefits and the detoxifying, relaxing feeling of the Ceylon cinnamon essential oil, we take the pride in using it in our candles. Our essential oils are expertly blended with the supreme quality cinnamon oil to make you feel safe, warm and protected.

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